Laughing And Singing Through Sadness – Online!

Oh beautiful people, won’t you come and laugh and sing with me, in spite of it all!
Collaborative improv and acting back our sadness through silliness. Especially for you if you are feeling burned out, frizzled, fried, tired, tired of being tired. Or if you want to experience some dramarama but you are shy to try… oh boy have I been there. My workshops are challenge by choice… anywhere from sit and watch, black out your screen to full on absurdity and anything in between. $10-20 sliding scale by etransfer, Write me for the private zoom link. January 3rd, 2021, 1-230 pm PST. Wear clothes you can move in and bring water to drink and a few items that can be used for costumes (anything will do). Cha cha!

Laughing and Singing Through Anxiety – Online!

If you are feeling stressed, fearful, or down, come laugh, play, and feel. 

Sunday, December 6th, 1-230 pm pacific standard time on Zoom.

Laughing and Singing Through Anxiety is a clownesque mix of meditation, collaborative improv, collaborative “acting back” of personal scenarios, and discussion on the gifts of anxiety, in a context of respect and silliness.

Sometimes people have expressed interest but feel shy…you do not need to have theatre experience, and you can participate as much or as little as feels comfortable.

Bring a few costume pieces (anything will do), water to drink, and comfortable clothes you can move in.

$10-20 sliding scale, payable by etransfer to, via pay pal, or by cheque. Please RSVP for the private zoom link and write if you have any further questions.

LOVE, Megan

Laughing and Singing Through Anger and Inner Clowning – Online!

1) Laughing and Singing Through Anger, 1-230 pm PST, Sunday, November 1st, 2020.

Anger points to our values, delineates our boundaries, and provides a container to feel our other emotions. Through meditation, collaborative improv, laughter, and acting back, we will explore the gifts and guidance of anger. No theatre experience required.

2) Clowns Online! 1-230 pm PST, Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Practice authentic impulse and emotional honesty in a supportive and silly context.

Pre-registration and pre-payment required. or

$10-20 Canadian dollars sliding scale. I will send the zoom link upon receiving word of your interest and payment.

Any questions? Please ask! It’s my joy and honour to share this work.

Clowning 101

I am very excited to share some upcoming workshops here in the Kootenays especially for youth in this area: Clowning 101!
Dates are Thursdays, Nov. 12th and 19th for ages 12-14 and Nov. 26th and Dec. 3rd for ages 15-18 from 3-6 pm at the Langham Cultural Centre, 447 A Avenue, Kaslo, BC. Thanks to scholarships offered by the Langham and by the Kaslo and Up the Lake Youth Network, participation fees are only $10, with snacks provided.

We’ll learn about collaborative improv in a physically distanced and socially supportive kinda way, and peer into the gifts and guidance of some challenging emotions while laughing a lot. No previous theatre experience required. I love this work and especially intend to make it accessible for youth who are struggling with anxiety, shyness, confusion, or situational depression. These have also been my struggles, and this work has been my medicine.

6-8 youth per class. Write or call 250-353-2661 to register.


(photo credit Nayana Fielkov)

Laughing and Singing Through Anxiety – Online!

the world's quietest banjo

While living in rural Nova Scotia two years back and finishing up my doctorate in clowning and land communication as healing practices, I put up a few brochures around town advertising my Clown Coaching services. A local creative approached me in our small town library holding the brochure and suggested that I offer a workshop called Laughing and Singing Our Way Through Fear. I felt a big YES from that and began to offer workshops based on this idea: meditation, collaborative group improv via singing/banjo and theatrics, acting back of personal scenarios, art integration, and discussion based on the work of Karla McLaren around the featured challenging emotion.

I have started to think of these workshops as a kind of “pre-clown”, great for grown ups who are interesting in playing, expressing, and low-key improvising but aren’t quite ready to jump into a full-on clown situation. They help practice emotional navigation and saying yes to the unknown in a supportive and generous context. Since we tend to get pretty silly, they can help with feelings of burn out, stress, and isolation. They are particularly tailored towards folks who live with chronic anxiety, situational depression, or shyness. Participation of every aspect is always voluntary.

I would like to offer an experimental group online version of a workshop I do called Laughing and Singing Through Anxiety. Depending on interest, it could be a monthly thing with a different emotion every month, which is how I have offered them in the past. This workshop will be by donation, with all profits going to a fundraiser held by a friend of a friend for a family of five in Nicaragua that is in crisis.

The date is Sunday, September 6th from 1-3 pm pacific time.
You will need an active Zoom account.

Please PM me or email to register so I know who to expect and so I can share the private Zoom link and info sheet for the workshop.

Much love!



Clowns Online!

Clowns Online! Sunday, August 30th from 1-230 pm.
$5-15 sliding scale.  You can pay through an etransfer to my email address or now through Pay Pal.
As always, bring clothes you can move in, water to drink, and your wonderful, strange, and unique selves.
We will do some warm ups, some free flow improvisation, and a bit of solo work.  Noses optional.
Please write me to register, and I will send you the Zoom invite. This is a monthly event, so also drop me a line if you would like to be on my email list.

Introduction to Clowning

Wahoo Victoria!

March 7, 130-5 and/or March 8, 1230-5, free in exchange for participation (sponsored by Canada Council of the Arts).

1508 Haultain Street, at the lovely Four Corners Collective.  Bring water, a snack, notebook and pen, and clothes you can move in.  As part of a teaching mentorship, supported by the fantastically talented Nayana Fielkov.

As someone who spent much of my life with shyness, an anxiety disorder, and periodic depression, clowning was the last thing I would have ever anticipated for myself as a life love and path!  Yet one day when I was living in Montreal and feeling very stuck and lost, I began to have night and day dreams of clowning that I can only call divine guidance.  Some of them linked clowning to healing, and some of them linked clowning to ecology and the earth.  I didn’t know what this all meant, but I decided to feel my way forward and see what I could discover. After various clown trainings and then a doctorate in theatrical clowning and land relationship as an Anglo-Saxon settler on Turtle Island, I can truly say I am more in love with this artistic and deeply psychological practice.

Amor (credit Justine MacDonald)

I invite you to come and play!  Contact me with any questions or concerns, or 250 880 3371.

I gratefully and joyfully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council of the Arts.



Introduction to Clowning (2)

Zowie!  Introduction to clowning, workshop number two, coming up Feb. 23, 130-430 at the Four Corners Collective, 1508 Haultain.  Find your inner super hero!  Practice deep listening to authentic personal impulse, presence and play with others, and emotional and physical intelligence, all in a context of support and silliness.

PLEASE REGISTER, as places are limited! 250 880 3371,

Free in exchange for your participation and feedback. These classes are part of a clown teaching practicum, with special thanks to the fantastical Nayana Fielkov ( for her mentorship and support.

red cardinal

I gratefully and greatfully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


Introduction to Clowning


(photo by Carol Layton, Nan’s Rock Shop)

Introduction to Clowning, sponsored by the Canadian Council for the Arts! I am so honoured to have received this grant.
I am equally honoured to be playing on beautiful Lekwungen territory. And super stoked to be sharing more clown!

FIRST PLAY TIME OF SIX: 1-4 pm, Sunday Jan. 19th, 2020, at the Four Corners Collective, 1508 Haultain Street in the Oaklands neighbourhood.

Please bring water, a snack, clothes you can move in (layers are good), and a journal and pen. We will take a break part way through to stretch, visit, nap, or generally recharge.

Free in exchange for participation and feedback. Pre-registration required.

There are as many kinds of clowning as there are genres of music… infinite! My intention with these workshops is to increase our capacity to play, connect, and open. Clowning gives us the opportunity to feel what we’re really feeling and follow our authentic impulses in a low-consequence space. Especially for those who struggle with anxiety or depression, who are feeling burned out and want an opportunity to play and be silly, or who are curious about clowning.

Please write or call Megan at 250 880 3371 or for questions or to register.


I joyfully acknowledge the support of Canada Council for the Arts for this project.

Clowning in the Park

September 15, 2019 – the first Clowning in the Park in Victoria, BC, through singing, games, emotional yoga, and play.  When we clown outside, there are SO many unexpected “gifts from the gods” – the rain, the sun, the dogs and people passing by.  All these opportunities to drop the script and feel and respond through authentic impulse and pleasure.

(photo credits Ann Sorenson)