Laughing and Singing Through Jealousy, Online!

the Why: In this February month of love and friendship, we play with the tough and fiery emotion of jealousy that teaches relational radar. Inner clowning, collaborative improv, and emotional study have been powerful and joyful medicine for my own struggles over the years with anxiety, depression, shyness, and connection; it is my honour to share these practices. This playshop is part of an open series that features a different challenging emotion each month. 

the Who: This playshop is for you, dear ones, if you are in the midst of a transition; if you want more laughter and silliness in your life; if you are feeling burned out or alone; if you struggle with shyness, anxiety, or depression and want a deeper sense of connection; if you are experiencing grief and would like to express yourself emotionally and physically without the task of words; if you are new to theatre and want to take a creative risk; if you are old to theatre and want to play in a goofy, low consequence way with others. 

the How: A kind of pre-clown blend of meditation, theatrical and singing collaborative improv, collective acting back of personal scenarios of the featured emotion, and discussion of the gifts of the featured emotion. Challenge is by choice in a supportive environment. Registration is per playshop. 

the What: Clownesque games and collaborative improv are physical… wear clothes you can move in. Bring water to drink and a few costume pieces or props (anything will do). Give yourself a bit of space to move wherever you decide to set up your computer or device.

the Where: Zoom. 

the When: 10-1130 am Pacific Standard Time. Sunday Feb. 28th, 2021 

Price: $10-$20 sliding scale (increasing to $15-25 in March 2021), pre-payable by etransfer or paypal. Once this happens, you’ll get the zoom link… yahoo!

Let’s play and laugh and feel together!

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