Current Offerings – Plants

Eating with the Seasons

Who: For people who want support or guidance to:

*Start a garden

*Expand their garden 

*Connect with food growing who don’t have access to a garden

*Feel more confident in their garden

*Eat more regionally and/or with the seasons

*Feel more connected with the earth 

*Know what is growing around them

*Find seeds of hope in these difficult times

What: a facilitated group series of six monthly online sessions

When and Where: First Saturday of the month, 10-1130 am Pacific Time, Zoom. Starting July 2020. Preregistration required.

How: This group will be participant led; we’ll establish the topics group members want to explore in the first session.

Why: Build confidence with tools and practices related to local eating and local plants. Cultivate connection with your local community, both human and other-than-human.

Price: introductory price of $60 per participant for the series. Maximum 6 participants. 

We can do this, dear ones.

Write to register.

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