Current Offerings – Plants

Who: anyone wants to practice more bioregional eating – either sourcing or growing on a personal scale – and feels overwhelmed with where to start

What: monthly online support sessions that offer doable bioregional eating experiments, in harmony with your unique home place.

When and Where: Second Saturday of the month, 10-11 am Pacific Time, Zoom.

How: This year’s theme: RESTORING WELLNESS (inspired by the work of Mary Reynolds and her wonderful book, The Garden Awakening).

January – Four Veggies

February – Fencing is a Thing

March – Know the Players

April – Sacred Spaces

May – Nature is Stronger than Nurture

June – Finding Your Roots

July and August – play (no sessions)

September – Restoring Health to your Land

October – tbd

November – tbd

December – rest (no sessions)

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