Heart medicine, emotional intelligence, and PLAY!

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Megan is a theatre/clown coach, bioregional food educator, and energy worker with a joyful love of play and deep reverence for soul liberation. She holds an interdisciplinary doctorate in inner clowning and nature as a world view as personal and cultural healing. She offers private or group playshops in Emotional Improv and Introduction to Clowning in person or online. Her current research delights are woodland clowning and playful, relational somatic psychology. She also adores natural beekeeping as a poetic inquiry into co-living between cultures and species.


“That was one of the best things I’ve done.” -Kaylee

“This was a lovely workshop.  I love having the space to shed my masks and connect with my delight.  The games we played were new and valuable to me and appreciate connecting to my body and emotions after an emotionally difficult week.  Much love.” – Anonymous

“I feel without baggage” -Alison

“Continue the great work and thank you for the session.  It definitely helped me ‘shift’ to a better place.” – Lynne

“It’s really therapeutic what you do.  Certain parts of me were held and heard, which makes all of me flow better.  Very cathartic.  My heart feels full.” – Nika

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Current Online Offerings: Laughing and Singing Through Emotions; Firehawk Method Energy Work

Current Kootenay Offerings: Introduction to Clowning; Firehawk Method Energy Work

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