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Hello and welcome to my site! I offer mental health support through expressive arts, deep clowning, eating with the seasons, and energy work. I have been blessed to learn with food growers, energy workers, clowns, and other expressive artists across North and Central America. From 2014-2019 I took a healing journey in the form of creative doctoral studies in clowning and in land relationship as an anglo-settler. I am currently training in Somatic Therapy, which I intend to blend with my clown practice for a kind of Clown Therapy. I’m a strong believer in social change rooted in integral relationship with self, the sacred work of soul liberation, and the joy of play.


“I feel without baggage” – Alison

“You led us gently into vulnerability.  I was thinking, I don’t know if I can do this.  And then I did it!” – Holly

“Megan was so disarming that it was easy to be comfortable with her participatory games, which helped us all relax and enjoy the sensations she made us aware of.  For me, it was a shedding of that adult membrane that protects me from stupid people stuff but also prevents me from experiencing the world as a child does.” – Niki

“Megan’s sensibility and deep research for her PhD combine to create a heart opening and inspirational workshop.  I left feeling very happy in my heart and lucky to “walk to the wall” with clowns holding a sacred space.”  -Lisa Marie

“That was one of the best things I’ve done.” -Kaylee

“Continue the great work and thank you for the session.  It definitely helped me ‘shift’ to a better place.” – Lynne

“It’s really therapeutic what you do.  Certain parts of me were held and heard, which makes all of me flow better.  Very cathartic.  My heart feels full.” – Nika

“YOU ROCK!  I love your events!  I will definitely attend the next one that you hold here at Nan’s Rock Shop!” – Carol Layton, Nan’s Rock Shop, Wilmot, NS

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