Introduction to Clowning

Wahoo Victoria!

March 7, 130-5 and/or March 8, 1230-5, free in exchange for participation (sponsored by Canada Council of the Arts).

1508 Haultain Street, at the lovely Four Corners Collective.  Bring water, a snack, notebook and pen, and clothes you can move in.  As part of a teaching mentorship, supported by the fantastically talented Nayana Fielkov.

As someone who spent much of my life with shyness, an anxiety disorder, and periodic depression, clowning was the last thing I would have ever anticipated for myself as a life love and path!  Yet one day when I was living in Montreal and feeling very stuck and lost, I began to have night and day dreams of clowning that I can only call divine guidance.  Some of them linked clowning to healing, and some of them linked clowning to ecology and the earth.  I didn’t know what this all meant, but I decided to feel my way forward and see what I could discover. After various clown trainings and then a doctorate in theatrical clowning and land relationship as an Anglo-Saxon settler on Turtle Island, I can truly say I am more in love with this artistic and deeply psychological practice.

Amor (credit Justine MacDonald)

I invite you to come and play!  Contact me with any questions or concerns, or 250 880 3371.

I gratefully and joyfully acknowledge the support of the Canada Council of the Arts.



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