Massage / Energy Work

Bio-cosmic massage 2

Biocosmic Energy Massage

Offered only in person.

This energy healing, offered in the form of a massage, liberates physical and emotional blockages, supports spiritual connection, and promotes feelings of joy and confidence in your true Self.  

A physically light but energetically deep full head and body massage along energy channels.  


“I felt something shift and felt much lighter…your skillful, gentle, healing hands helped move some stubborn blocks…” Patricia

“the experience was precious, sacred, and healing…it really had a positive impact…” Francis

“I felt completely at ease in her intuitive and gentle hands. The process was not only very powerful but also very human and greatly reasssuring. I relaxed like I had not been able to for months. Megan was able to sense and relieve internal discomforts I had not even told her about. Thank you Megan, I feel extremely honoured to have experienced your kind and generous touch!!”

Current price: $110 for a two hour session

Tarot Improv and Energy Healing (The Firehawk Method)

This is a package that I offer, either online or in person.

Tarot tells the story of the journey of being human. Images help us connect with our own intuition that is often beyond words. I then act back through improvisation the card or cards with the highest emotional charge for you.

The Firehawk Method-style of energy work supports and balances your electromagnetic energy centers (chakras) and aura.  It is effective in person or from a distance. 

Current price: $50-70 sliding scale for an hour and a quarter session.