Current Offerings – Play

(Justine MacDonald)

Current Offerings

Day-long Deep Clown Retreat!

Who: Anyone with a willing heart who is curious to experience this style of clowning… no previous experience necessary. I specialize in working with people who experience more shy, anxious, or depressive ways of being

When: July 28th, 2022 from 10 am to 4 pm

Where: Sentinel Retreat and Wellness Centre, 5278 Amundsen Road, Kaslo, BC in the Maloca room

What: Meditation, movement warm up, and group clown games in the morning. lunch is provided by the Sentinel. The Centre is on Kootenay Lake with a dock for swimming – bring your suit and towel for a dip during our midday break! Optional solo clown exercises in the afternoon. This retreat is primarily experiential, although there will be time for reflection and sharing of information after some exercises.

Why: To support free expression of the soul, to cultivate self knowledge and levity, to find the absurdity in ourselves and in the difficult, to laugh or cry together.

how: deep clowning is about connection and conversation with self and others, honest expression of authentic impulse and emotion, absurdity, non-doing/being, play, delight, curiosity, and much more.

price: $100 for the day includes a gorgeous lunch provided by the Sentinel

to register: contact Megan before June 28th,

Theatre in a Box!

Who: for grades four and five

What: Clownesque performative play. A three-part playshop in basic clown character development, set design, and low-consequence peer performance.

Where: West Kootenay schools

Why: Because very little is needed to create playful, goofy, expressive theatre: in this case, just a clown nose, hat, simple prop, and cardboard box.


Clowns in the Woods!

What: outdoor collaborative improv play parties.

When and where: once a season at Argenta Community Hall field

Who: all ages, all experience levels welcome

Why: silliness, laughter, playful movement, and collective games are great community builders, with both other humans and the other-than-human

How: a blend of nature sensory meditation, singing and theatre collaborative improv games, and gentle clownesque games

Price: currently by donation

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