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(Justine MacDonald)

Current Offerings

Introduction to Inner Clowning!

Who: Anyone with a willing heart who is curious to experience this style of clowning… no previous experience necessary. I specialize in working with people who experience more shy, anxious, or depressive ways of being

When: March 18, 2023 from 10 am to 12 pm. Preregistration required.

Where: North Shore Hall, 675 Whitmore Road, Nelson, BC

What: Meditation, movement warm up, and group and duo clown games

Why: To support free expression of the soul, to cultivate self knowledge and levity, to find the absurdity in ourselves and in the difficult, to laugh or cry together.

how: deep clowning is about connection and conversation with self and others, honest expression of authentic impulse and emotion, absurdity, non-doing/being, play, delight, curiosity, and much more.

price: $20 (two subsidized spots available upon request)

to register: contact Megan,

Theatre in a Box!

Who: for grades four and five

What: Clownesque performative play. A three-part playshop in basic clown character development, set design, and low-consequence peer performance.

Where: West Kootenay schools

Why: Because very little is needed to create playful, goofy, expressive theatre: in this case, just a clown nose, hat, simple prop, and cardboard box.


Clowns in the Woods!

What: outdoor collaborative improv play parties.

When and where: once a season at Argenta Community Hall field

Who: all ages, all experience levels welcome

Why: silliness, laughter, playful movement, and collective games are great community builders, with both other humans and the other-than-human

How: a blend of nature sensory meditation, singing and theatre collaborative improv games, and gentle clownesque games

Price: currently by donation

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