Individual Theatre Coaching Sessions


(photo credit Justine MacDonald)

My (clownesque) theatre coaching sessions work with a person’s authentic impulses and emotional expression through play, gentle humour, costume, singing / sound, movement, emotional yoga, and/or energy work in healing-centered engagement.  This can allow expression to the wisdom of parts of self that don’t always have access to words.

As a participant in an individual theatre coaching session, you direct the action and always have the choice to say yes or no, slow down or speed up the play, take a break, laugh at me, etc!

Compassion and appreciation for the absolute beauty of each human being are the foundation of my approach and you will be treated as such.

Every action in this kind of improvisation is the right action; your way of expressing is the right and perfect way.

This work is particularly suited for those who live with deep tendencies towards anxiety, situational depression, or shyness.

Each session is an hour and a half and is themed to better understand the gifts of different emotions.  The first session is Laughing and Singing Our Way Through Anger.  The following sessions are Fear, Sadness, Shame, Jealousy, Situational Depression, and Confusion.  This is the order I would suggest, although we touch on all emotions in each session.  However, if you feel the desire to explore one emotion above others, please let me know!

I encourage you to contact me with questions or concerns to feel out if this approach might be a fit for you.

Current price: $75 – $120 sliding scale.